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Thank You 2018 Donors!

2018-2019 Annual Report 

Distinguished Partner ($25,000 or more)

  • John & Peggy Kirton

  • Tyler Pipe Company

  • Cornerstone Club: Lindale ISD Employees

  • Thomas S. Carter Foundation

  • Hideaway Lake Kiwanis Club

  • Lawrence & Carolyn Todd


Platinum Partner ($15,000 or more)

  • Target Distribution Center

  • Scott and Krista Lay

Diamond Partner ($10,000 or more)

  • John & Lila Driver 

  • Cathey & Joe Weaver 

  • Rotary Club of Lindale

  • Don & Mary Achziger

  • Wayne & Sonja Fletcher

  • Richard & Jeannette Brandon

  • Cal & Peggy Shipman 

  • The Get Happy Singers of Hideaway


Gold Partner ($5,000 or more)

  • Lindale Chamber of Commerce (Harvest Hustle Proceeds)

  • David & Suzanne Stubblefield

  • Lindale ISD Alumni Association

Silver Parter ($2,500 or more)

  • Judy Burleson 

  • Omer and Sue Adams 

  • Barbara Ratliff 

  • David and Michelle Lindig 

  • Gailia and Jerry Lang, SR. 

  • Brenda and Edgar Ilschner

  • Petty's Steak & Catfish 

  • Jim & Barbara Wilson

  • Texas Bank and Trust 

Bronze Partner ($1,000 or more)

  • Tyler Junior College 

  • Roddy & Hattie Bland

  • Robert and Wanda Walker 

  • Philip & Gay Pyland

  • Anita Anderson

  • Jerry & Lori Fuquay 

  • Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

  • Cooperative Teachers Credit Union 

  • Don Hines- Walmart Stores, INC.

  • Cavender's Boot City

  • Robert and Kim Nimon 

  • LaRay Kerbow

  • Bernie & Nelda Demers 

  • Walmart 

  • Lawrence and Sue Ann Ley

Benefactor ($500 or more)

  • Robert and Priscilla Evans 

  • Jim and Deborah Hill

  • Bob and Gayle Riley 

  • Joe and Sue Dillard 

  • Philip and Sherry Butcher

  • Brady Environmental Services 

Friend of the Foundation

  • Ohiopyle Prints, Inc.

  • Wealth Planning Advisors

  • Terry Setser 

  • COL. Emery J. Crane & Janet 

  • Lindale Evening Garden Club

  • Joe and Penny Snow 

  • Valerie Payne

  • Dr. Clayton Downing

  • Billy & Lyne Black

  • Fred Bilbo

  • Michael and Dinah Ragsdale 

  • Robert and Joy Hunt

  • Pat and Valerie Bonds

  • Mark and Charolette Serold 

  • Regan Brandon

  • Terry and Elizabeth Smith

  • Douglas and Martha Sholars

2018 East Texas Giving Day Donors​​

Robbie Lyons

Janet McPherson

Valerie Payne

Judy Burleson

(In Memory of Douglas Burleson)

Denise Mallory 

(In Honor of Olivia and Merrick Gary)

Gretel Eagan Johnson

John Kirton

Kaela Deslatte 

Kelly Cox 

Robert & Donna McGee 

The 2018-2019 Annual Report is now available! Click below to view. 


Past Distinguished, Platinum, and Diamond Partners

  • Red Baron Companies, Jerry & Teri Alexander

  • WRL General Contractors, Ltd.

  • David & Tracy Irwin

  • Helen S. Boylan Foundation

  • Lindale Floral Shop, Jennifer Darr

  • Texas Pioneer Foundation

In Memory & Honor Of

  • Don and Mary Achziger- In Memory of Joe Weaver 

  • Mark Achziger- In Memory of Joe Weaver

  • In Memory Of Tom Stilwell

  • Michael and Dinah Ragsdale- In Memory Of Axel Green 

  • Jim Foy- In Memory of Irmgard Foy

  • Karen & Joel Kirby- In Honor of Bill and Debra Kirby

  • Terry Setser- A Christmas Gift In Honor of John Driver

  • Don and Mary Achziger- A Christmas Gift In Honor of Roger and Grace Enlow

  • John and Lila Driver- A Christmas Gift In Honor of Vickie Frazier, Jack and Aletha Cox, Mike Howell

  • Jan Childres- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Eva Garza-McAdams- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Jamie and Wendy Holder- In Memory of James Thompson & In Honor of Robert & Audrey Klein, Whitney & Rowan Rutherford, Lacey Klein 

  • Perry Hutchens- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Judy Wright- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Yavanae Vaden- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Betty Eakin- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Charles Dintelman- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Pydi D. Oliver- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Clint Parkhill- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • The Modisette Family- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Karla Vandiver- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Chuck and Boni Demaree- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Judy Burleson- In Memory of Douglas Burleson

  • Richard & Jeannette Brandon- In Memory of Dr. Larry Holder

  • Sheree Robertson- In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Driver

Red Baron Building Co. Presents Act VIII.

Title Sponsor

Red Baron Building Company 

Platinum Sponsors

Lay Construction

Combs Complete Lawn Care

Cooperative Teachers Credit Union

Austin Bank

Gold Sponsors

Eagle Pharmacy

Toy Town Preschool

Mr. & Mrs. Achziger

Southside Bank

2018 Academic Excellence Recognition Banquet

Leslie Cain Realty

American State Bank

Southside Bank

Lay Construction

Suanne Rouse and Robbie Lyons

Don and Mary Achziger 

HAWL Kiawanis
D&H Quality Cabinets 

Dr. Kim & Robert Nimon

Harris Craig Architects

State Rep. Cole Hefner

State Sen. Bryan Hughes 

Red Baron Building Company

Jackson Construction 

Jim Dobrei

Texas Bank and Trust

Southside Bank


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