Thank You 2020 Donors!

Distinguished Partner ($25,000 or more)

  • John & Peggy Kirton

  • Tyler Pipe Company

  • Cornerstone Club: Lindale ISD Employees

  • Thomas S. Carter Foundation

  • Hideaway Lake Kiwanis Club

  • Lawrence & Carolyn Todd

Platinum Partner ($15,000 or more)

  • Target Distribution Center

  • Scott and Krista Lay

Diamond Partner ($10,000 or more)

  • John & Lila Driver

  • Cathey & Joe Weaver

  • Rotary Club of Lindale

  • Don & Mary Achziger

  • Wayne & Sonja Fletcher

  • Richard & Jeannette Brandon

  • Cal & Peggy Shipman

  • The Get Happy Singers of Hideaway

Gold Partner ($5,000 or more)

  • Lindale Chamber of Commerce (Harvest Hustle Proceeds)

  • David & Suzanne Stubblefield

  • Lindale ISD Alumni Association

  • Judy Burleson

  • Sanderson Farms

Silver Parter ($2,500 or more)

  • Omer and Sue Adams

  • Barbara Ratliff

  • David and Michelle Lindig

  • Gailia and Jerry Lang, SR.

  • Brenda and Edgar Ilschner

  • Petty's Steak & Catfish

  • Jim & Barbara Wilson

  • Texas Bank and Trust

Bronze Partner ($1,000 or more)

  • Tyler Junior College

  • Roddy & Hattie Bland

  • Robert and Wanda Walker

  • Philip & Gay Pyland

  • Anita Anderson

  • Jerry & Lori Fuquay

  • Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

  • Cooperative Teachers Credit Union

  • Don Hines- Walmart Stores, INC.

  • Cavender's Boot City

  • Robert and Kim Nimon

  • LaRay Kerbow

  • Bernie & Nelda Demers

  • Walmart

  • Lawrence and Sue Ann Ley

Benefactor ($500 or more)

  • Robert and Priscilla Evans

  • Jim and Deborah Hill

  • Bob and Gayle Riley

  • Joe and Sue Dillard

  • Philip and Sherry Butcher

  • Brady Environmental Services

Friend of the Foundation

  • Ohiopyle Prints, Inc.

  • Wealth Planning Advisors

  • Terry Setser

  • COL. Emery J. Crane & Janet

  • Lindale Evening Garden Club

  • Joe and Penny Snow

  • Valerie Payne

  • Dr. Clayton Downing

  • Billy & Lyne Black

  • Fred Bilbo

  • Michael and Dinah Ragsdale

  • Robert and Joy Hunt

  • Pat and Valerie Bonds

  • Mark and Charolette Serold

  • Regan Brandon

  • Terry and Elizabeth Smith

  • Douglas and Martha Sholars

2020 East Texas Giving Day Donors

  • The Adams Family

  • Judy Burleson

  • Paul Davis

  • Lori Anderson

  • Vicki Thrasher

  • Don Achziger

  • Kerrie Covert

  • Stacia Collins

Past Distinguished, Platinum, and Diamond Partners

  • Red Baron Companies, Jerry & Teri Alexander

  • WRL General Contractors, Ltd.

  • David & Tracy Irwin

  • Helen S. Boylan Foundation

  • Lindale Floral Shop, Jennifer Darr

  • Texas Pioneer Foundation


In Memory & Honor Of

  • Don and Mary Achziger- In Memory of Joe Weaver

  • Mark Achziger- In Memory of Joe Weaver

  • In Memory Of Tom Stilwell

  • Michael and Dinah Ragsdale- In Memory Of Axel Green

  • Jim Foy- In Memory of Irmgard Foy

  • Karen & Joel Kirby- In Honor of Bill and Debra Kirby

  • Terry Setser- A Christmas Gift In Honor of John Driver

  • Don and Mary Achziger- A Christmas Gift In Honor of Roger and Grace Enlow

  • John and Lila Driver- A Christmas Gift In Honor of Vickie Frazier, Jack and Aletha Cox, Mike Howell

  • Jan Childres- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Eva Garza-McAdams- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Jamie and Wendy Holder- In Memory of James Thompson & In Honor of Robert & Audrey Klein, Whitney & Rowan Rutherford, Lacey Klein

  • Perry Hutchens- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Judy Wright- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Yavanae Vaden- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Betty Eakin- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Charles Dintelman- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Pydi D. Oliver- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Clint Parkhill- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • The Modisette Family- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Karla Vandiver- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Chuck and Boni Demaree- In Memory of Joey Taylor

  • Judy Burleson- In Memory of Douglas Burleson

  • Richard & Jeannette Brandon- In Memory of Dr. Larry Holder

  • Sheree Robertson- In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Driver

  • Jamie Holder- In Memory of Dr. Larry Holder

  • Jackson Construction - In Memory of Mr. Ray Surratt

  • Lindale ISD - In Memory of Mr. Ray Surratt

Memberships & Honors 

The Lindale ISD Education Foundation is a proud member of the Texas Education Foundation Network.  The Foundation website is a proud recipient of a 2015 Gold TSPRA STAR Award.


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