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Lindale ISD Education Foundation Awards more than $35,000 in Classroom Grants in 2020

The Lindale ISD Education Foundation has awarded $35,396.37 to Lindale ISD teachers at 5 of our 6 campuses. The money will be used to purchase new and innovative tools for classrooms. Funds provided by the Foundation will directly benefit students in the Lindale Independent School District and will make a positive difference for them. 


“The Lindale ISD is an outstanding school district with amazing, hard-working teachers,” said Gay Pyland, President of the Lindale ISD Education Foundation. “The Education Foundation’s goal is to support these teachers by funding their creative and innovative needs in the classroom. Together, with our individual donors, businesses and community, we support not only the teachers, but we also give our students an added advantage to their education.”


The teachers are notified that they are awarded their grants and receiving funds by a surprise Grant Patrol through school hallways. However, 2020’s Grant Patrol looked a little different and was the first of its kind in Lindale ISD history. Community donors, businesses, administrators and board members lined up their cars and drove by each teacher’s house. Cars were decorated, balloons were flying, horns were honking and people were cheering as everyone paraded by. Executive Director, Courtney Sanguinetti, placed a large check detailing what funds the teachers were receiving in their yard and to show off their hard work. 


“This Grant Patrol is unlike any other due to our current circumstances, said Sanguinetti. “The Foundation typically awards grants at the end of March and teachers can start making their purchases immediately. But since the cancellation of school, we had to think of another way to celebrate these teachers and to make sure they received the funding for their classrooms that they applied for. That is when we came up with the Grant Patrol Parade. It will definitely be a Grant Patrol that we will never forget.” 


The Lindale ISD Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides funds for classroom projects and programs not funded or under-funded by the district’s operating budget. The foundation is supported through the donations from individuals, businesses and corporations.   


The Education Foundation began awarding grants in November 2009. Since the first grant cycle, the Foundation has awarded $350,472.65 to LISD classrooms for more than 80 projects.


Grant applications are submitted to the foundation by LISD teachers and aides for projects or programs that go above the day-to-day curriculum and offer students an enriched and unique learning experience.  Projects selected for funding are rated on a number of criteria including the innovation of the project.


“We are so thankful for our donors and the Lindale community who make all of this possible,” said Sanguinetti. “These students deserve a chance to excel beyond the classroom and the projects funded by the Education Foundation help to do just that. Our teachers’ dedication to our kids and school district is what makes LISD one of the best.”



Spring 2020 projects receiving funds include:


Education Foundation grant for $6,448.80 to fund Kinders are Buzzing for Bee-Bots!

Our kindergarteners learn best when they can be hands-on and build language and vocabulary skills when they collaborate. The purpose of “Kinders are Buzzing for Bee-Bots” is to integrate technology and 21st century skills in a way that allows them to explore, create, evaluate and collaborate within the classroom in a fun and engaging way. Bee-Bots will give our students the opportunity to participate in STEM activities while reinforcing and using academic skills they can learn in class.


Education Foundation grant for $1,393.29 to fund Managing Emotions Through Mindfulness!

Managing Emotions Through Mindfulness” will introduce 1-3 grade students to the practice of mindfulness using hands-on activities in a classroom environment during counselor lessons. Mindfulness helps develop attention and focus, empathy, kindness and compassion. Students being able to proactively manage difficult emotions instead of reacting negatively to daily demands is the purpose and goal.

Education Foundation grant for $7,391.72 to fund Math Engagement While Writing! 

This grant will help to implement thinking classrooms through collaborative learning. Many times upon entering a math classroom we see students in desks, heads down, silently working on math problems. What we often don’t see is the thinking going on behind the problem. We have students who need to be differentiated and this grant would provide our 3rd grade teachers with a way to do just these things which leads students to perform better on STAAR tests and to be life-long thinkers. Each 3rd grade classroom will receive 6 laminate activity tables.

Education Foundation grant for $4,500 to fund Order Up, Osmo! 

The Osmo system combines tactile exploration with skills based games to actively engage students. Students are challenged to think creatively, work collaboratively and use subject knowledge to complete tasks. This project would give each first grade teacher enough Osmos to allow students to work in small groups, thereby ensuring that students are spending their independent work time truly engaged in a learning task. This is a kinesthetic approach to the development of reading, writing, math and technology skills.


Education Foundation grant for $7,288.97 to fund The House That Built Me! 

The House That Built Me tiny home project is designed with one thing in mind, student achievement. What better way to incorporate multiple school subjects into one project for students to learn than by applying real-world, hands-on practice. Students will also gain experience in the trades of welding, construction technology, interior design, visual media and marketing all while applying principles in mathematics, physics, english and computer technology. Using cross-curricular instruction, the students involved with the planning, designing and fabrication of the project will learn what it takes to build a house, as well as build skill sets for their future careers. 

Education Foundation grant for $4,868 to fund Practice Like a Pro!

The purpose of this grant is to help our student-athletes improve their hitting by seeing instant feedback from this unit in a variety of settings. Whether in a batting cage or on the actual baseball field, players in both our high school program and in our summer camps will benefit from this tool. Rapsodo is designed to show data on a player’s exit velocity, launch angle, direction, spin axis and other pieces of information that a player’s favorite major leaguer uses in their daily practice and preparation for games and the season.


Education Foundation grant for $1,300 to Fund At-Risk Yoga!

Yoga can help improve general wellness by relieving stress, supporting good health habits and improving mental and emotional health and sleep. It can also help people manage anxiety or depressive symptoms. These symptoms can put students at-risk of declining grades, increased absences or dropping out. LHS will offer a yoga class once a week after school to at-risk students to help improve their mental and physical well-being. This would benefit at-risk students who could not access yoga due to the cost and lack of availability in the Lindale area.

Education Foundation grant for $2,205.59 to Fund Live and Learn!

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