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Lindale ISD Education Foundation Awards more than $37,000 in Classroom Grants

The Lindale ISD Education Foundation has awarded $37,619.50 to Lindale ISD teachers. The money will be used to purchase new and innovative tools for classrooms. Funds provided by the Foundation will directly benefit students in the Lindale Independent School District and will make a positive difference for them. 


“The Lindale ISD is an outstanding school district with amazing, hard-working teachers,” said Gay Pyland, President of the Lindale ISD Education Foundation. “The Education Foundation’s goal is to support these teachers by funding their creative and innovative needs in the classroom. Together, with our individual donors, businesses and community, we support not only the teachers, but we also give our students an added advantage to their education.”


The teachers are notified that they are awarded their grants and receive funds by a surprise Grant Patrol through school hallways. The Lindale High School band, cheerleaders, donors, administrators and volunteers loudly parade through the campuses, giving away money for several innovative projects. 


“This is the best time of the year for the Lindale Education Foundation,” said Courtney Sanguinetti, Executive Director of the Lindale ISD Education Foundation. “Our board members and volunteers work extremely hard throughout the year to raise enough funds to be able to give like we do. To see it all pay off with the excitement of the students and teachers is definitely our reward. We are so thankful for the teachers who applied for these new learning tools and we are excited to see them in action.” 


The Lindale ISD Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides funds for classroom projects and programs not funded or under-funded by the district’s operating budget. The foundation is supported through donations from individuals, businesses and corporations.   


The Education Foundation began awarding grants in November 2009. Since the first grant cycle, the Foundation has awarded $410,151.33 to LISD classrooms for more than 100 projects.


Grant applications are submitted to the foundation by LISD teachers and aides for projects or programs that go above the day-to-day curriculum and offer students an enriched and unique learning experience. Projects selected for funding are rated on a number of criteria including the innovation of the project.


“We are so thankful for our donors and the Lindale community who make all of this possible,” said Sanguinetti. “These students deserve a chance to excel beyond the classroom and the projects funded by the Education Foundation help to do just that. Our teachers’ dedication to our kids and school district is what makes LISD one of the best.”


Spring 2022 projects receiving funds include:


Education Foundation grant for $8,052.46 to fund Draw Up a Seat for Something Neat!

5th and 6th grade art students have been awarded new, real-world adjustable studio tables and stools that will improve overall student work areas. New, more versatile studio tables and stools will be more accessible for handicap students and will be more durable for all students. The improved quality work space will also contribute to the quality of students’ work. 

Grant by Misty Harbour



Education Foundation grant for $5,143.20 to fund Enriching LHS Foreign Language!

10-12 grade students taking Spanish or ASL have been awarded new enrichment resources to provide hands-on activities to practice vocabulary, incorporate technology to help students access and apply conversational skills, and open up a world of cultural understanding with classroom sets of culture books. 

Grant by Amy Thompson


Education Foundation grant for $2,699.73 to fund Technology for Dual Credit Math! 

Students in dual credit college algebra, dual credit statistics and future dual credit math classes have been awarded new graphing calculators. The purpose of this is to put new technology in the hands of students. By providing universal access to graphing calculators, students will be able to analyze characteristics of functions, compare and contrast functions, and create coherent representations of mathematical models for real world situations. Students will also have opportunities to investigate statistics in ways never done before in the classroom.

Grant by Stephanie Sembritzky


Education Foundation grant for $1,500 to fund Guys in Ties/Girls in Pearls!

6th grade students at E.J. Moss have been awarded items to expand the Guys in Ties/Girls in Pearls program. The program is offered to selected 6th graders during a designated lunch period to promote positive thinking through the use of a book study. The students will also engage in topics such as making good decisions, first impressions, treating others with respect, and dining etiquette. Some of the items that will be received are ties, pearls, dress shirts, and books. 

Grant by Megen Bass


Education Foundation grant for $1,284.56 to fund Measuring Motion Meticulously! 

Lindale High School Physics and Engineering students have been awarded new cutting edge data collection devices. The Go-Direct Accelerometers allow students to wirelessly, via bluetooth, measure acceleration simultaneously in three directions as well as rotational motion. This will help students to better understand how acceleration makes the connection between Kinematics and Newton’s Laws. 

Grant by Duane Walton


Education Foundation grant for $6,500 to fund All the World’s a Stage!

The Lindale High School Theatre department has been awarded a new set. The current set is more than 15 years old and is needed for UIL standards. The new set will be used by more than 200 students a year and will be used daily. 

Grant by Kari McKenzie and Taylor Jarman


Education Foundation grant for $1,971 to fund Save a Life!

The Lindale High School Health Science department has been awarded new advanced CPR manikins to help better instruct students in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The manikins provide important feedback as the students are learning proper techniques. This feedback includes depth, rate, and recoil of compressions. It also includes hands-off time and breath volume which are also integral to successful CPR. All health science students are certified in Basic Life Support – CPR, AED, and First Aid for adults, infants, and children through American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. 

Grant by Nicole Hone and Sally Clemmons


Education Foundation grant for $1,602 to fund Building Inde“PEN”dent Readers!

4th-5th grade ELR students have been awarded Reader Pens. The Reader Pen is a tool to facilitate a major breakthrough in helping students with a range of learning difficulties. The Reader Pen reads the text aloud to students as it scrolls over the words. It will provide the reading support needed to work toward grade-level standards. 

Grant by Angela Heard and Leigh Parker


Education Foundation grant for $5,366.55 to fund Mimio Smartboards!

The Mimio Teach Smartboard turns a regular whiteboard into different learning styles to gain and maintain new information with the click of a stylus. The Mimio Smartboards will allow students to become more actively engaged which increases learning, participation, and positive behavior. It will also give students greater access to STAAR curriculum which has technology applications that otherwise can’t be accessed. 

Grant by Alisha Hobbs


Education Foundation grant for $1,500 to fund The Real World: Community Based Experiences!

Lindale High School Special Education students have been awarded funding to develop programming that will help the students gain access to their community, its resources, and develop school-based work experiences through a results-oriented process. Community Based Instruction is a strategy or instructional method that promotes teaching and use of academic and functional skills in the student’s natural environment. 

Grant by Casey Wynne 

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