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Lindale ISD Education Foundation Awards more than $25,000 in Classroom Grants

The Lindale ISD Education Foundation has awarded $25,020.19 to Lindale ISD teachers. The money will be used to purchase new and innovative tools for classrooms. Funds provided by the Foundation will directly benefit students in the Lindale Independent School District and will make a positive difference for them. 


“The Lindale ISD is an outstanding school district with amazing, hard-working teachers,” said Gay Pyland, President of the Lindale ISD Education Foundation. “The Education Foundation’s goal is to support these teachers by funding their creative and innovative needs in the classroom. Together, with our individual donors, businesses and community, we support not only the teachers, but we also give our students an added advantage to their education.”


The teachers are notified that they are awarded their grants and receive funds by a surprise Grant Patrol through school hallways. The Lindale High School Star Steppers, cheerleaders, donors, administrators and volunteers loudly parade through the campuses, giving away money for several innovative projects. 


“This is the best time of the year for the Lindale Education Foundation,” said Courtney Sanguinetti, Executive Director of the Lindale ISD Education Foundation. “Our board members and volunteers work extremely hard throughout the year to raise enough funds to be able to give like we do. To see it all pay off with the excitement of the students and teachers is definitely our reward. We are so thankful for the teachers who applied for these new learning tools and we are excited to see them in action.” 


The Lindale ISD Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides funds for classroom projects and programs not funded or under-funded by the district’s operating budget. The foundation is supported through donations from individuals, businesses and corporations.   


The Education Foundation began awarding grants in November 2009. Since the first grant cycle, the Foundation has awarded $435,171.52 to LISD classrooms for more than 100 projects.


Grant applications are submitted to the foundation by LISD teachers and aides for projects or programs that go above the day-to-day curriculum and offer students an enriched and unique learning experience. Projects selected for funding are rated on a number of criteria including the innovation of the project.


“We are so thankful for our donors and the Lindale community who make all of this possible,” said Sanguinetti. “These students deserve a chance to excel beyond the classroom and the projects funded by the Education Foundation help to do just that. Our teachers’ dedication to our kids and school district is what makes LISD one of the best.”


Spring 2023 projects receiving funds include:


Education Foundation grant for $1,200  to fund “Cultivating Bookworms in the Reading Garden.” 

The reading garden will consist of 24 hammocks, available to 4th-6th grade students that fosters their love of reading while simultaneously growing their connection with nature and literature. E.J. Moss East has two outdoor courtyards by the library that are not currently being utilized. This grant will allow for 24 hammocks to be hung for students to sit and read or complete assignments comfortably.  


Grant by Angela Heard-Lockwood and Kim Saunders 



Education Foundation grant for $4,658  to fund “Aim for Success With Outdoor Adventures.” 

Outdoor Adventures is a new class that will be implemented in the 2023-2024 school year. Participants will earn their state and local PE credit needed for graduation. Outdoor Adventures- Archery Unit will provide students with physical skills such as balance, coordination, strength, and power. In addition, students will gain interpersonal skills such as trust, teamwork, cooperation, and effective communication skills. This grant will help fund the necessary equipment needed to implement the archery program. 


Grant by Christy Bateman 

Education Foundation grant for $5,741.49  to fund “Clay: A Renewable Resource.” 

The purchase of a pugmill through this grant will allow visual art students to participate in the recycling and reusing of clay for various projects. Students will learn safety, maintenance, and practical use of the machine for the purpose of renewing used clay into a reusable body of clay. The use of the mill will also allow students the opportunity to gain real world experience in reducing our carbon footprint and waste as well as save the district thousands of dollars in clay costs each year.   


Grant by Rebecca Harrison and Jamie Mowery 


Education Foundation grant for $1,951.19  to fund “Hand Me a Piano Please.” 

The purpose of this grant is to put mini pianos in the hands of CSE and VPE students. Students will experience different types of music and how music is made. Instrumental music is an integral part of human life, and with these sets of mini pianos, students will be exposed to a different musical instrument than they currently have. The pianos will be used during learning stations. 


Grant by Wendi Hicks and Taylor Collins 


Education Foundation grant for $4,594.20  to fund “MakerBot SKETCH.” 

The purpose of this grant is to purchase two new 3D printers for the high school engineering and robotics classrooms. These will replace the current, aging models with the capability to print larger and/or more pieces at once with an improved process and increased speed and accuracy. 


Grant by Duane Walton and Emily Covington 


Education Foundation grant for $2,607.93  to fund “Eagle Emotions Experts: Learning to Soar Beyond Life’s Challenges.” 

Lindale ISD serves more than 100 students who have an individualized education plan with direct services for social skills or counseling. This project will give these students access to a researched based curriculum that follows a scope and sequence of skills they need to be successful in the school environment.   


Grant by Leslie Bloodworth and Candice Munoz 


Education Foundation grant for $4,267.38  to fund “Robotics Revamp.” 

These robots are part of a regional competition for 4th - 6th grade Gifted and Talented students at E.J. Moss. The current robots are now obsolete and cannot be used. With this project, the students will build new robots and will do simple programming and coding to have the robots complete the competition course. This gives our high achieving students the opportunity for creativity and growth.  


Grant by Melissa Crenshaw 

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